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Arguments and disagreements can sometimes feel like an essential part of family life, especially during the teenage years, with slammed doors being a common occurrence. But in some families this goes much further, and parents find themselves subject to verbal or even physical aggression. While it is. It can be difficult to know what defines this behaviour. The Government defines this as adolescent to parent violence and abuse (APVA), which is any form of behaviour by a young person to control and dominate over their parents. The aim is to instil fear, threaten and cause intimidation. APVA has a serious impact on parents and the wider family too.

4. Each time passive-aggressive behavior is answered with a mirrored counter passive-aggressive response from parents, the hidden means of expressing anger is reinforced and an opportunity for direct emotional expression is lost. On the other hand, each time passive-aggressive behavior is confronted assertively, the hidden anger is weakened. Sep 18,  · Teen Anger & Aggression – Causes & Treatment. Teens differ from adults in their ability to read and understand emotions in people’s faces. Adults use the prefrontal cortex or “thinking part” of the brain to read emotional cues, but teenagers rely on the section called the amygdala or “emotion center.” The amygdala processes emotional reactions such as “fight or flight” causing.

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