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Aug 04,  · It’s been a whole year since we looked at cinema’s most terrifying sex scenes, so we thought we’d take a look back at the most graphic sex scenes ever depicted in horror films! Obviously Author: Trace Thurman. Apr 14,  · Sex and violence undoubtedly go hand in hand in horror, which is why sex is such a strong part of the genre. Sexuality is an important undercurrent in many a genre film, and let’s be honest here, sex and skin sells, especially to a male audience. What straight dude doesn’t want to .

The relationship between horror movies and nudity is almost as cliched as porn films and bad acting: the two are inherently genetically related. Part of that is because you're never more Author: Simon Gallagher. Jul 25,  · If you look at the history of movies, no other genre has exploited sex more than horror. Filmmakers have used horror as a garb to show sex on-screen. Sometimes, the sex is explicit; at other times, it is done in a more tasteful way (but you always know .

Oct 14,  · But that doesn’t mean horror movies can’t actually be sexy. A number of films in the horror genre managed to infuse sex into the story in a way that worked and created something that could turn audiences on while still giving them the heebie cinedivx.info: Julia Tilford. The Worst Sex Horror Movies of All Time; The Top 10 Sex Horror Movies of All Time; The Top 20 Sex Horror Movies of All Time; The Top 50 Sex Horror Movies of All Time; The Top Sex Horror Movies of All Time; The Best Horror Movies Of the s; The Best Science Fiction Movies of ; The Best Comedy Movies Of the s; The Most Recently.