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Movie Actor Brad Pitt Penis Pics [LEAKED!] Updated: Brad Pitt, Movie Actor, Nude Male Celebs Leave a comment. Ready to see the sexiest man alive BARE? Ahhh, this guy is a damn legend. And now, the Brad Pitt’s penis photos have been leaked to the public! Thousands of people are trying to find these gems which have been scattered all over the web. Brad Pitt Dick Pics. William Bradley Pitt was born on December 18th, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He is a global superstar, actor and film producer who has received many awards throughout his career including an Academy Award.

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BRAD PITT nude - 76 images and 21 videos - including scenes from "The Dark Side of the Sun" - "Kalifornia" - "Legends of the Fall". The hottest pictures of Brad Pitt have been compiled in this list of sexy Brad Pitt pictures in honor of the heartthrob's handsome mug and undeniable hotness. Though it's hard to believe, the former sexiest man alive is over 50 and still hotter than most people that will ever be hot. Ever. To.