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The Family and Friends Hurricane Party continues. My sister plays cards to cheer herself up. I lose my virginity and find a lover at senior summer camp. A Merchant Plays Games Of Chance, Risking More Than Her Gold. and other exciting erotic at! About , I walked downstairs naked and fresh. He had set up the dining room table for a four man poker game. I didn't know whether I was going to play (I really don't enjoy poker) or be a spectator of some kind. He was fully clothed. He walked up to me and kissed me. My cock sprang to attention and he ran his fingertips over it, causing me.

Below is a recount of a night between me, my wife and a couple of our friends. It started as a normal night out for drinks and turned into un-expected voyeurism, followed by strip poker, sexual forfeits and an unforgettable sexual experience for us all! Read the free story 'Strip Poker at a Lake Cabin (Part 1)'. Also read other stories with gay sex tales in categories in 28 languages.

Shortly after I turned 21 I was at a party with five or six other people. We got drunk and decided it would be fun to play strip poker. We decided to make the stakes higher and whoever lost first would have to go on the webcam in an adult chat room and dance around naked. The guys thought they would beat me and the other girl who was also there and would get to see us naked. The poker area consisted of a card table, three chairs and a couch, so naturally Lisa jumps on the couch and the men take to the chairs. After a couple of hands and a few drinks later someone brings up the topic of playing strip poker.