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The IT nerd seduces the stuck up CEO boss. Sara meets Dom_M and recalls becoming the exhibition. Willing sub is on her knees ready to serve Petite sub wants to drain them all. Office girl learns about workplace discipline. and other exciting erotic at! Jul 04,  · I’m scared. I feel so exposed. I’m a naughty girl and so require regular discipline. I have learnt that really, you hate to hear me cry and so I have been emphasizing my distress, crying a little bit louder, begging a little too quickly for you to stop and now the game is up!/5(13).

Three-prong Nipple Clamp Fun. A perfect blend of romance and domination I daydream about an online girl I have a crush on. Sammi loses more control in his dorm room. The owner and friends return to the abs. and other exciting erotic at! Jessie's Journey. The Private Club. Chapter 1 - Jessie was in the shower. She slowly dragged the blade of the cheap, disposable razor over the last bit of shaving cream remaining along side the lips of her pussy, leaving her mound and lips clean a.

Wench's Nipple Party. Author - bracemaiden [bracemaiden{at There was a conspicuous hole in each clamp. He wanted me to know what was coming. He knelt down, and started to massage my nipples to get them hard. These include stories that feature (but not limited to) murder, violent snuff, and under-age characters. If you feel this story. She gets more than bargained for from cyber friend. and other exciting erotic at!