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Griesedieck Brothers Beer is a historic St. Louis beer brand that has been reintroduced after years of absence. The Griesedieck family once owned three St. Louis-area breweries, Griesedieck Brothers Brewery, Griesedieck Western Brewery Co. in Belleville, Illinois (producers of Stag Beer) and the Falstaff Brewing Corporation, producer of Falstaff Beer. Aug 16,  · My dad always said, "greasy-deck". But, hey, that was 40 years ago. well nowadays maybe he will be more comfortable coming out and admitting to wrapping his lips around a "greasy-dick".

Ray Griesedieck is the son of Henry A. Griesedieck, who was the last president of Greisedieck Bros. before Falstaff bought the brewery. Ray needed a decade to put a GB beer back on the market. Joseph “PaPa Joe” Griesedieck () Joe Griesedieck was a brewer in St. Louis for over 50 years and eventually Griesedieck Brothers Brewing Company became Falstaff Brewing Company organized in Already tagged. 1. Already tagged. 1. Already tagged. 1. Already tagged. 1. Other Albums. Cover Photos. 49 photos. Untitled Album.

OK, smart ass, I knew that was coming. Yes, the name is pronounced very close to what you think. I Googled it and learned that members of the Griesedieck family owned not only Griesedieck, but also Falstaff (the thirst slaker) and Stag (still popular in some parts of the midwest). Griesedieck Brothers Brewery is proud to be family owned and American operated, independent from the large international breweries. We are operated by 8th and 9th generation brewers, and with more than + years of brewing legacy, proud to be a part of St. Louis' rich heritage.