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"The sons of Josh and Kinshi" By Boys in the hood. ^^warning^^ Leave now if you are not 18 and over. All the characters, places names and anything else said here is not real. Most of the Japanese names are real. I watch a few Japanese shows. This story first started as the adventures of Josh and Kinshi. This is a fictional story. It never happened. Baby Josh. To say the last couple months were odd would be an understatement. I own a business, a medical supply store, and I have had the sneaking suspicion that I have been having someone come into the store during the night and steal things, but it was never a lot.

This is a work of erotic fiction. It will contain a few graphic scenes of gay sex. If this is objectionable to or illegal for you, please do not read it. As with my other stories, which can be found under my name in the Prolific Authors section of Nifty, this work will contain only a little sex. Hi, my name is Tim. Dad is down, big time this time. He is recovering but he is worried about you, his faithful readers. TRAVELER will not have new chapters until he gets well enough to work but in the meantime he wants to give you something to keep your spirits .