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The Al-Fatiha Foundation was an organization which advanced the cause of LGBTQ Muslims. It was founded in by Faisal Alam, a Pakistani American, and was registered as a nonprofit organization in the United States until 21 LGBT Muslims Who Are Changing the World. A Pakistani-American who founded the Al-Fatiha Foundation, queer Muslim Faisal Alam created one of the first important a gay Muslim support.

Sep 14,  · This qualitative study aims to document the identity experience of progressive gay Muslim men in a North American context. Six in‐depth interviews, supplemented with participant observation, were conducted of gay Muslim men who attended an international conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and questioning (LGBTQ) by: Al-Fatiha Mission Statement. The Al-Fatiha Foundation is an international organization dedicated to Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trasngendered, those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, and their friends.

Feb 14,  · The Al-Fatiha Foundation was established by Faisal Alam in the USA in , and since then has grown in profile, and now has various branches around the world, including one in London, UK. This group promotes the idea of the “Gay Muslim” and tries to reconcile homosexual lifestyles with Islam. Gay Muslims () is a Channel 4 documentary produced and directed by Cara Lavan, about the experiences of five lesbian and gay people who identify as Muslim and how they challenge the heterosexual-worldview within Islam, and attempt to integrate Islam with cinedivx.infoed by: Sonia Deol.