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How Does The Bible Define Sexual Sin? When seeking to understand what God’s standard is in the area of sexuality, or any area, it’s important to first recognize that the way people act in the Bible often does not reflect God’s standard. We need to look at the standard that God set forth before looking at the examples of people. Jul 26,  · The only sexual expression considered “wrong” is what is deemed distasteful to the definer. However, social acceptability varies so greatly that even the vilest of acts would be considered justified by many. So, before we can determine why sexual sin is such a big deal, we have to define sexual sin.

Apr 07,  · To the OP, sexual sin is any desire or committing of sexual acts outside marriage. It can also come about when a husband desires his wife for sex more than as a person. Therefore, the mere occurrence of breaking a hymen does not mean the woman committed sexual sin. Jun 05,  · Sexual sin is a touch subject, and in a post-sexual-revolution world it is one that does not receive a great deal of admiration. Of course, I am not sure it ever did, and sexual sin existed long before birth control. But the key for the Christian is letting Scripture define sexual sin .

Sexual sin and neglecting the laws of purity in the body of Christ is one of the elements that can potentially bring weakness, sickness, and even premature death to many in the Church. It is one forgotten aspect of not discerning the Lord's body (1 Cor. ).