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Aug 17,  · Medela’s Calma Nipple is made for easy switching between bottle and breast and exclusive breast milk feeding. Vented design and flow control valve encourage seamless transition from bottle to breast, while allowing your baby to pause, breathe, and feed as needed and as he or she naturally would when nursing at the breast/5(). Medela breast milk bottles have been designed for the safe, long-term storage of breast milk. You can pump breast milk directly into the baby bottles and store it. You can also feed your baby using the same bottle. The bottles are made from a safe plastic designed to retain the breast milk's beneficial properties and are ideal for the safe.

Medela About Symphony Plus Breast Pump. Initiation Technology™: Symphony PLUS technology used soon after birth can significantly increase breast milk production. The INITIATE program contains a mixture of stimulation phases, an expression phase and a . If your baby has special needs, she may not be able to latch on to your nipple. However, there are lots of other ways you can feed breast milk to a baby with special needs – read our article to find out more.