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4cm breast mass - Are two-centimeter breast cancers large or small?

Introduction: Tumor size is related to breast cancer recurrence and survival. In most cases, the smaller the tumor, the better the prognosis (chance of survival) tends to be. Learn more about tumor size.. Learn about tumor size and breast cancer staging.. Study selection criteria: SEER data on tumor size and breast cancer survival by lymph node status (whether or not the cancer has spread to. Sep 19,  · Size indicates how large across the tumor is at its widest point. Doctors measure cancer in millimeters (1 mm inch) or centimeters (1 cm.4 inch). Size is used to help determine the stage of the breast cancer.

Aug 10,  · → Topic: Diagnosed with a 5 cm solid mass in left breast Topic: Diagnosed with a 5 cm solid mass in left breast Forum: Not Diagnosed But Worried — Meet others worried about developing breast cancer for the first time. Dx 7/2/, ILC, 4cm, . 1cm solid mass in left breast - biopsy required My mom did a CT scan which showed a ~1cm mass in her left breast. She is She then did a mamogram, and it showed the mass as a white small circle. Q1) What difference does it make if it is a white or a black circle? They requested an ultrasound. From what I understood from them is that it.

I am just we had 3 mo of sleepless nights. finally the breast biopsy was done and reported as fibrocystic disease. if ur mass moves freely or if moves with breast tissue and not associated with breast changes, its most likely to be benign. its also unlikely that a cm mass will go unnoticed for a long time. Node-negative breast cancers from 2 cm to 5 cm in size are classified as stage ii, and smaller cancers, as stage i. We sought to determine if the prognosis of women with a breast cancer exactly 2 cm in size more closely resembles that of women with a stage i or a stage ii breast by: 2.