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SEX WITH A CANCERIAN - THE BARE FACTS! Love and sex are irrevocably intertwined in the mind of most Cancerians: many will be uncomfortable with the idea of physical intimacy unless they possess at least some degree of emotional involvement with their sexual partner. This is a sexually compatible pairing that produces sex, love and possibly marriage. Cancer is a water sign and Virgo is an earth sign. These two friends will bond for life on a sexual, spiritual and romantic level. They will be both friends and lovers and find one another physically alluring and sensual.

The Cancer Sexuality - Traits and Characteristics. Category: Emotional and family-oriented, Cancer men and women bring the same qualities of sensitivity and nurturing to their sexual relationships as well. For Cancerians being in love means deep emotional intimacy. And just as they want to share tier innermost feelings with you, you. Cancer Love and Sex. Love and sex are closely intertwined in the mind of the Cancerians. Unless they feel an emotional closeness with their sexual partner, many representatives of this sign are uncomfortable with the idea of physical intimacy. Cancer is the .

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