How to Discreetly Wear Diapers as a College Student: 9 Steps - wearing adult briefs for heavy period


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Mar 27,  · I mean like I said, if you're just wearing diapers on your period for the sake of it, by all means. I just don't see how it's more effective/convenient than most conventional methods.(not that anybody has said that to my knowledge in so many words, yet again, putting in my two cents). Apr 18,  · Baby diapers are too small for adults. You're better off wearing TENA pants [1] or equivalent. They're not cheap. In the UK they come to about £1 a pair, unless you can buy them from a bulk supplier, in which case they'll be a bit cheaper. If your.

Jul 14,  · About ten years ago, they had briefs like those for light bladder leakage that could be used in combination with feminine hygiene products during ones period. I utilized them during a time I was having heavy and unexpected periods if I was out of. Mar 22,  · Absorbency plus diapers distributed by XP Medical. These are new on the market and are a heavy absorbency premium brief. Initially I was not impressed with them because they only have 2 .

Unique Wellness Original Briefs are designed for heavy incontinence with a unique NASA inspired core employing InconTek technology. As in all of our top rated absorbent overnight adult diapers, these briefs have a TON of absorbency material in the core and can absorb up to liters of urine. Oct 21,  · Diapers for your period? By Meluse Kapatamoyo Most women, if not all, dread days when they have their period. use adult briefs or pads. There are maternal pads which are meant to counter particularly heavy flows. Now, the thought of wearing diapers (baby or adult size) may be an idea quite unsettling because of how hot or icky it may Author: Meluse Kapatamoyo.