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Famous painter Viggo Mortensen buys an old cottage in the countryside. Charming and cozy, it does not seem at all like a place to harbour a dark secret. But appearances can be deceiving. May 25,  · Beyond Mortensen’s physical appeal, the opening of Lisa DePaulo’s profile, which involves the actor picking her up in a Ford Fusion (!), is so inherently sexy, it may as well be Viggo Mortensen fan fiction (a genre with which I am keenly familiar). But no, Viggo Mortensen in the flesh and fan-fiction Viggo Mortensen have finally become one:Author: Gabriella Paiella.

Apr 12,  · This is me going into the world and adventure of the making of the Lord of The rings. Not all of the information will be accurate. If it's not, do NOT correct it. Anyways. I hope you all will enjoy. PS: Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen love triangle. Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy of the early s, which brought him fan attention. Viggo Fandom. Viggo has a large and active fan base, offering him gifts and coming together to donate for causes such as tsunami relief. Some worry about their Viggo obsession:Works: The Lord of the Rings, Walk on the Moon, .

Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen, his friend Vincent and of course, Michael Fassbender. RPS fic where Orlando's child is called Errol, where Jensen Ackles would move to England for love, and where Sean and Viggo have not yet killed each other. Cassandra Claire was the fanfiction pseudonym of now-Young Adult fiction writer Cassandra Clare, author of the Mortal Instruments series, which has been adapted into a movie and television show Author: Gita Jackson.