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May 08,  · Brian Mavis gives some great tips on developing a specialized ministry for the single adults in your church. 8 Single Principles for a Singles’ Ministry. 8 Single Principles for a Singles’ Ministry. By. Brian Mavis - May 8, SHARES. Share Pin Tweet. What are the keys to starting and growing a ministry that reaches singles? A Author: Brian Mavis. • Should I start a Single Parent Ministry by Joseph Northcut, Church Initiative • The Single Adult Ministry HOW TO Guide by Max Holt and Doug Stephens, Ebook (New), Chapter 2 Excerpt • Forty Days of Prayer by Ann-Marie Schell, Ed, University Parkway Baptist, Johnson City, TN.

Reasons you SHOULD’NT start a single adult ministry in your church: 1. To give singles a social club*. 2. Because other churches have one. 3. Because of the need or want to help our singles get married. 4. Because singles have demanded the leadership in the church to have one. Jul 20,  · Single moms had a place. Seniors had a few, too. But there was little for the post-college adult looking for a place to belong. As I discussed my desire to begin a young adult ministry with my pastor and friend, I was relieved to hear that he knew such a program was missing at our church.

Aug 08,  · NAD Adventist Single Adult Ministries: Forum › Topics Of Interest To Adventist Single Adult Ministry Leaders How To Start And Build A Local Adventist Single Adult Ministry. May 08,  · Single adult ministry, observes Christ Church’s White, is often at the bottom of a church’s priorities. “A church’s unwillingness to pay a staff person to focus on singles supports that argument.” In Plano, Texas, where she serves, single adults comprise more than 30 percent of the city’s Brian Mavis.