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What laws should I know about in the adult entertainment business? Question. My business partner and I want to start an adult entertainment company producing film and print work. Where can we find out what specific laws govern our area of interest? For instance, if a regulatory agency in Florida required a license for adult film production Author: Nolo. Aug 19,  · Starting an adult entertainment business. Question Details: I am looking to find out exactly what I need legally to start an adult entertainment business. Mostly web based at first but sales of media (dvds, magazines) in the near future.

Jul 27,  · If your business will be strictly a service business and not a retail store open to the public, you might not be subject to any special requirements. But many cities have laws regulating adult bookstores or video stores, including where may be located and what hours they may be Laurie Bennett. Though some of the entertainment business is really cash intensive and demand massive investment, there are opportunities that can be developed on a small scale with comparatively small capital investment. Here we have compiled 25 most profitable and trending entertainment business ideas and opportunities for the startup 99businessdesk.

When starting an adult entertainment business, keep in mind that it is vital to know the rules. In this particular type of business, there are laws that you need to comply. You need to ensure that laws in your state or city will allow entertainment production and even publication of adult contents. How do one go about starting a legal porn business? Asked on Feb 07th, on Entertainment Law - Nevada More details to this question: A business creating or selling pornography will be considered an "adult" business or a "sex" business. Most locations restrict or outright ban such businesses. Find Local Entertainment Law Lawyers.