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The Stargate program is yet to get up and running but a surprise visitor to the earth, is about to change everything. Alliances will be forged and colonisation of the galaxy, will begin. A fallen brother will rise but neither he nor the world where he was born, will ever be the . Welcome to Wraithbait, the Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction archive. We accept stories of all types and all pairings pertaining to the show Stargate: Atlantis and are affiliated with the Wraithbait (slash) and Wraithgate (general and het) Stargate: Atlantis mailing lists. Please note that we do not, however, accept stories featuring real person fiction or underage relationships.

Jun 26,  · This website ©, All stories are the property of their authors and may not be used without the consent of the author. Stargate SG-1, its characters, and the technology surrounding the Stargate belong to Stargate SG-1 Productions (II) Inc., MGM Worldwide Television Productions Inc., Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp, and Showtime Networks Inc and are used without . The Stargate Slash FanFic Archive. This archive is the gathering place for all Stargate FanFic where at least one of the characters has a homosexual relationship. Please be warned that this archive contains stories that depict sexual activities between members of the same sex. If you are underage or this isn't what you're looking for.