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CENTER FOR SEX OFFENDER MANAGEMENT. The Comprehensive Assessment Protocol: A Systemwide Review of Adult and Juvenile Sex Offender Management Strategies. A Project of the Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Forensic psychiatrists are often asked to evaluate individuals accused or convicted of sexual offenses for a variety of purposes, including the assessment of dangerousness, risk for recidivism, involuntary commitment, inclusion in a state's sex offender registry, competency, and criminal responsibility.

Look up information on Oklahoma offenders, escapees, death row, sex offender, violent offender, weekly count, frequently asked questions and inmate and family resources. involving 4, adult sex offenders. SAI reliability, validity and accuracy are empirically demonstrated. The SAI was designed to be a meaningful adult sex offender assessment instrument or test in the sense that it provides accurate and helpful sex offender information in courts, supervisory milieus, treatment settings and recidivism research.

Assessment Overview. The term “sex offender” implies that the individuals who engage in sexually abusive behavior are all alike and can be managed in the same way. However, because adult and juvenile sex offenders are such diverse populations, “one . Psycholegal Assessments, Inc. offers objective, comprehensive, and thorough sex offender evaluations (psychosexual evaluations) for individuals charged with a sexual crime, including pre-plea and pre-sentence sex offender evaluations, as well as sex offender evaluations for probation. Dr. Steven Gaskell is a licensed Sex Offender Evaluator in Illinois and a licensed Psychologist in Georgia who.