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Aug 08,  · By making learning fun you will manipulate the brain’s reward center to work in your favor. Not only will it fuel your motivation, but your brain will absorb information like a sponge! How to Make Learning Fun for Adults: Six Methods. For us adult learners, the conventional methods of learning soon feels dull and Joseph Summers. Making Learning Fun seeks to provide free learning activities to early childhood educators. Visitors to the site enjoy unlimited access free of charge. However, you can also help keep the site operating by purchasing items through the Amazon links throughout the site as Amazon credits this site a percentage of your total purchase.

It’s Time to Make Learning Fun Again, Even for Adults. Bring professional development events to life with challenges that merge collaboration, interactivity, and problem-solving in a hands-on environment for learning technology. I’m working on making a series of “recipes” based on subject matter, group size, device availability, and Author: Carl Hooker. Fun children's learning activities, including printable templates, for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school kids. For printables sorted by Activit Making Learning Fun presents.

Mar 21,  · The Science of Fun in Learning. Fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what we learn and how much we retain. Learning isn’t a one-off event. It requires repetition and dedication. If the experience is fun, learners will stay curious and keep coming back for more. If the learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective. Aug 17,  · Simulations And Games: Making Learning Fun! Regardless of our age, playing with simulators (e.g. stock market investment, driving or flight simulators) and games (Starcraft, Hearts of Iron, World of Warcraft) always puts us on the path to learning and experiencing new things. Author: Marina Arshavskiy.