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Aug 29,  · We look at all the different aspects of putting two guinea pigs together, from a male and a female, to two males, to two females and how it works out. 34 thoughts on “ Putting Two Guinea Pigs Together In 7 Steps ” asia says: March 8, at pm I just introduced a New adult female Guinea pig. To my 5 yr old spayed female. The ontogeny of male Guinea pigs living under different housing conditions. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 40, No changes in body weight are observed if adult male guinea pigs are removed from their groups and kept singly in their home enclosure.

Some facts about Guinea pigs are well known. It is a misconception that male guinea pigs cannot be kept together. Compatibility is more of a personality thing rather than gender. if you find a pair which is compatible, there is no harm in housing them together. Adult male guinea pigs usually display signs of courtship and dominance over. Jul 07,  · I have had my month old guinea pig for a couple months now. He is very small and I think even once he is full grown he is just going to be a smaller guinea pig. He is soo cute and pretty nice. (Although he might nip you if you smell good, hehe) He love my sisters guinea pig. We dont house them together, though. Anyways, I am wondering if it is safe and okay to get another baby male guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are social pets and are therefore best kept in groups of two or more. This enables them to express their natural behaviour, and allows for all of their social needs to be met. However, when mixing unfamiliar individuals it’s important to consider their sex, age, size and personality in order to make it successful. Introducing them is also a gradual process, which should be done. Jul 21,  · ALL guinea pigs require long strand grass hay, so timothy or orchard grass for example. Baby & Adult Guinea Pig Diet When Housed Together skinnypigs1. If you are housing .