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Jan 14,  · Best Answer: It's no harder to publish a young adult book than any other kind of book, really-- but getting anything published is difficult and takes a lot of persistence! The first step is to complete your manuscript. Young adult novels tend to be between 50, and 80, words. You can get Status: Open. Jun 12,  · In order to get your book published, you follow a step-by-step process of: (1) determining your genre or category of work, (2) finding appropriate agents or publishers for your work, (3) preparing your submissions materials (a query letter, usually), .

In that sense, how your publish a novel (for example) works exactly the same as publishing any other type of book. How do you get an agent? If you’re getting a book published for the first time, you need an agent. And the only really difficult step in getting an agent is the very first one: you have to write an absolutely superb Mark Arnold. Getting published So you've almost finished writing that book (or perhaps you've already finished) and now you're starting to think about getting it published. Well, we've put together some useful tips and advice from the experts to help you make your manuscript stand out. Do you want to submit your work to Allen & .

Publish teen and young adult novels for free using Kindle Direct Publishing. Create and sell beautiful Kindle books to millions of readers worldwide. Free File Conversion: Upload your manuscript and convert it into a Kindle eBook for free. The number of Young Adult e-books published has exponentially exploded during the same period, due in part to the genesis and growth of the digital book market itself. But the percentage of growth in sales numbers for YA far exceeds the percentage growth in the young adult e-book sales, which showed a dramatic overall increase.