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The doctoral program in Adult Development and Aging (ADA) prepares professionals for participation in academic, research, governmental, and private organizations. Students complete coursework that includes developmental theories, developmental research methods, and development across the adult years at the individual and family levels of analysis, health, and advanced statistical analysis. Ph.D. in Educational Studies: Adult Learning and Development Specialization 45 credits The Ph.D. in Educational Studies: Adult Learning and Development Specialization is a low-residency program that includes foundational learning in research methodology, core coursework and a written qualifying examination, and a doctoral dissertation that represents an original contribution to the field of.

Education Information. Students enrolled in doctorate programs in adult development and aging take coursework related to cognition, common disorders related to aging, gerontology, social aspects of aging, advanced research methods and legal issues. Adult development and aging majors may be required to complete supervised clinical work internships. Janice Laurence, professor of policy, organizational and leadership studies, is the faculty program coordinator of the Policy and Organizational Studies PhD with a .

Coursework in our PhD in Education, Postsecondary, and Adult Education program focuses on current theory and research in adult education. It includes instructional models and assessment strategies—all built around increasing achievement in adult learners. In our Human Development and Learning PhD program, you’ll advance your knowledge of the social, psychological, and biological factors that affect the development of human beings, with particular emphasis on adults. You’ll learn theories of human development, learning, and cognitive and emotional development.