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Jul 08,  · The biggest issue we face as young adults is that we don’t want to admit when we feel depressed, so we start to shut people out and ignore these Author: Danielle Starr. Trends in young adult depression. The share of young adults reporting symptoms of depression in the past 30 days (felt sad, hopeless, worthless, or restless, or that everything was an effort all of the time or most of the time) has increased from to , with much of the rise occurring in the last three years.

It can sap the energy of not only the person who's depressed, but also those who love him. In extreme cases, suicide can be the outcome. Fortunately, a loved one can emerge from depression, looking forward to the rest of his life. If you are the parent of an adult child who is depressed, you can help your loved one recover. Loneliness and social isolation are definitely some of the biggest challenges a depressed young adult may face. More severe challenges include self-harm, suicidal feelings and failing to take medication and/or go to therapy, says Christensen. “Parents should remember there is a typical adjustment to college, even for ‘normal’ kids.

Depression can range from mild to severe. Doctors used to call the milder forms “dysthymia” if it lasted for at least 2 years in adults (1 year in children and teens). Now, it’s called. Jan 27,  · Identifying depression in your young adult is crucial and the first step in the road to recovery before other problems take root in your young adult’s life. In fact, many young adults with depression often rely on parents, teachers or caregivers to.