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Dependent adult means any adult who: is 18 years of age or older; is wholly or partially dependent upon one or more other persons for care or support, either emotional or physical; has not. A dependent adult is an adult who is not a senior citizen and who needs assistance to carry out normal activities or to protect their rights, or who is in a hospital for at least a hour stay. Dependent adults have special rights and protections from abuse.

Define dependant. dependant synonyms, dependant pronunciation, dependant translation, English dictionary definition of dependant. adj. 1. Determined, influenced, or controlled by something else. Relying on or requiring the aid or support of another: adult . Jul 02,  · Origin of Dependent and Dependant. Though dependant is older, dependent dominates in American English; thus, the -ant spelling might be read as a mistake. Additionally, in British English, the spellings function more as indicators of parts of speech than as variants: dependent tends to be used for the adjective and dependant for the noun.

Your adult son or daughter might also qualify as your dependent if you continue to support him—he’s just no longer your “qualifying child.” He becomes a “qualifying relative" instead. All these related individuals can be your dependents without actually living with you, but unrelated adults must reside in your home. If . dependent. 1) n. a person receiving support from another person (such as a parent), which may qualify the party supporting the dependent for an exemption to reduce his/her income taxes. 2) adj. requiring an event to occur, as the fulfillment of a contract is dependent on the expert being available. dependent.