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These reusable adult cloth diapers, when used with Gary® adult plastic pants, make the perfect combination for containment of urine and bowel leakage. Our adult diapers are made from a soft cotton terry or flannel cloth that comes in several shapes and sizes (the pull-on style diaper /5. Buy your Adult Diapers and Pullups at Magic Medical today!. Extra Small to 4XXL diapers on sale every day. Top quality brands and incontinence supplies at great low .

Nov 27,  · Happy Endings Teen/Adult Inserts for Cloth Diapers Incontinence ((3 Pack) 4 Layer Microfiber Inserts)) out of 5 stars $ Sigzagor Teen Adult Cloth Diaper Nappy Reusable Washable For Disability Incontinence Men (Black) Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information /5(9). Adult diapers, frequently referred to as adult nappies, are ideal for bedridden or frequently immobile patients with moderate to heavy urinary diapers are not just for bed ridden individuals - you can live a full and active lifestyle, even with incontinence.

Adult Cloth Diapers; Adult Diaper Covers; Incontinence Panties; Men's Incontinence Underwear; Adult Swim Diapers; Youth Swim Diapers; Reusable Incontinence Pads ; Reusable Bed Pads - Waterproof Bed Pads; Relax, there are many medical conditions which cause accidental bowel leakage. For full coverage diapers and brief types there are a wide. The adult diapers found here are made with layers that of either fabric or cloth or similar materials, capable of absorbing a good amount of liquid. These adult diapers are disposable and made with super absorbent materials/5().