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Sep 30,  · The approach to primary care in adults with Down’s syndrome is similar to that of the general adult population, with the addition of screening for conditions specific to Down’s syndrome The table provides a checklist of domains that need higher Cited by: provided to the population without Down syndrome. & The health needs of adults with Down syndrome should be viewed from the perspective of current standards of care and management while making adjustments to match individual needs and medical conditions. Review Article Southern Medical Journal & Volume , Number 11, November

This Caregiver Guide to Special Needs article offers suggestions on how to care for a child with Down syndrome. Health care guidelines help define the standards of quality care for individuals with Down syndrome. In addition to specific recommendations for screening tests, they include information about the kinds of medical conditions that individuals with Down syndrome are at risk for and suggestions for early intervention, diet and exercise and other issues across the lifespan.

HEALTH GUIDELINES FOR ADULTS WITH DOWN SYNDROME This article focuses on the specific needs for adults with Down syndrome and is based on Dr. Leigh Wilson’s ”“Preventive Care for Adults With Down Syndrome, first published by the American College of Preventative Medicine. Social care is not necessarily a replacement for a parent or carer’s support, but can complement the support they provide and is there to help the person they support. Down's Syndrome Association A Registered Charity No. DSA Helpline: +44 (0) 12 _ 12 For Families and Carers: Day-to-day support for adults. What is.