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May 19,  · Gather the wonderful women in your life for some sipping and story swapping. 1 of The Party Plan. Ask everyone to bring a container (about 5 oz) of loose-leaf green, black, white or red tea. You provide several herbals, like rose petals, lemongrass and Staff. Tea Party Games To Complement Your Adult Tea Party. An adult tea party can be quite fun and it's a perfect theme for anyone who loves the Victorian era. Also ladies, if you enjoy dressing up with large, picture hats and lacy dresses and having your man in a pin-striped suit, this may be the party for you.

Apr 17,  · Before the party, use cardstock to cut out a large teapot shape for each guest. Mark off a grid of twenty five square, five vertical and five horizontal. Write tea party related words in each square, such as teapot, tea bag, sugar, cream, teaspoon, etc. Provide small candies to . Games for an Adult Tea Party. Tea parties conjure images of ladies in lovely Victorian garb, sitting at lace-covered tables, sipping from fine china. Of course, tea parties today need not be so formal and games for adult tea parties can make them more casual. Tea party games should be tailored to accommodate the size of the gathering.

Ladies Tea Party For All Ages. This is a great way to try our delicious scones, breads, coffee cakes, quiches, spreads, desserts and vast assortment of teas! Our Tea Parties are perfect and appropriate for all occasions, whether to celebrate a birthday, or a special occasion, or if you are hosting a meeting, a Red Hat Party . or just catching up with some friends! It's A Party- Adult Tea Party (Shower) What others are saying Crunchy chunky chicken salad mixed with pickles, mushrooms and sour cream, and served in wonton cups.