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the Kentucky Criminal Justice Council collaborated with a regional university to conduct a baseline statewide victimization mail survey. The survey consisted of questions in three areas: (1) attitudes regarding the criminal justice system, (2) fear of crime, and (3) victimization within the past year. Sexual Misconduct is an umbrella term that includes any non-consensual sexual activity that is committed by force or fear or mental or physical incapacitation, including through the use of alcohol or drugs. Sexual misconduct can vary in its severity and consists of a range of behavior, including rape, statutory rape (sexual contact with a.

By surveying adult residents of Anchorage, the project, titled the Anchorage Adult Criminal Victimization Survey (AACVS), generated a wealth of information on crime victimization, neighborhood conditions, fear, and policing in Anchorage. This report presents the results of the AACVS. Actual criminal victimization, a significant predictor for adult fear of crime in many studies, did not demonstrate a significant effect on adolescent fear of crime. Also, socioeconomic status did not affect adolescent fear.

Measuring Adult Criminal Victimization 1 1 Measuring Adult Criminal Victimization: Findings from the Anchorage Adult Criminal Victimization Survey Highlights • More than one-quarter (N=, 27%) of survey respondents reported being victimized at least once during the year preceding the interview. Altogether, these respondents experienced