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A Guerrilla Manual for the Adult College Student: How to Go to College Almost Full Time in Your Spare Time and Still Have Time to Hold Down a Job, Raise a Family, Pay the Bills, and Have Some Fun [Mike Doolin] on cinedivx.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Doolin, Mike5/5(4). Add tags for "A guerrilla manual for the adult college student: how to go to college (almost) full time in your spare time-- and still have time to hold down a job, raise a .

Guerrilla Manual for Adult College Students by Mike Doolin. Return to the Main Menu: cinedivx.info book cover design by Julie Sartain [ Home ] [ Up. The Success Manual for Adult College Students can help. Order now. About the Author: Mike Doolin, thrown out of high school at 17, went to night school for 15 years to earn his Bachelor's degree, and he was working a full time job and raising a family when he did. At 56 he returned for his Master's, also as a part-time student.

planning and advisory boards related to Adult Education and Literacy program. Lone Star College will not directly or through other arrangements perpetuate discrimination. Complaints Informal Complaint Process The College encourages students to first discuss issues directly with the individual involved in an effort to resolve the situation. the college. This Student Policy Manual applies to all students who have registered for classes at the City Colleges of Chicago effective Fall The rules contained in this booklet stem from the Rules for the Management and Government of the City Colleges of Chicago (available for public viewing in the college libraries).