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For patients not covered by health insurance, circumcision for an older child or adult male typically costs $$3, or more. For example, Gentle Circumcision charges $ for children 1 to 17 years, $1, for adults if local anesthesia is used and $3, for adults if general anesthesia is used. If you are an uncircumcised adult considering circumcision, you need to understand the truth about this procedure, as opposed to the rumors. To help you get the “real scoop” on adult circumcision, here’s a rundown of the 6 most common myths surrounding adult male circumcision.

Apr 12,  · Circumcision, one of the oldest surgical procedures in existence, may be performed for cultural, religious, or health-related reasons, or simply reflect personal preference. Adult circumcision is Author: Chris Iliades. Mar 20,  · Most males in the US have undergone circumcision at infancy. The procedure is not required by physicians, though, so some may grow up uncircumcised. That said, adult circumcision is available for grown-ups who want a change. Some may also opt for the surgery for other reasons including those related to health and religion. Adult circumcision [ ]Author: Dr. Stimson Schantz, MD, FACS.

If circumcision, circumcision revision or frenulectomy is performed for non-medical or aesthetic reasons, medical insurance does not typically cover the costs of circumcision. You can use financing as low as 0% APR to pay for circumcision, frenuloplasty, and other medical expenses: Click to Check Eligibility and available options for financing. Cost for Adult Circumcision in DFW. The total cost for adult circumcision is $, with a $ deposit to hold the appointment and the remaining $ due on the day of the procedure. We do not take insurance for the procedure. It is our experience that insurance does not cover the cost of a circumcision.