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Peebee bets her friends they'll climax in 5 minutes. Setting straight the tale of the gay warrior. She'd made it through another call from her mom. Trance and Dylan get a couple of surprises. The rest of the crew are let in on part of the secret. and other exciting erotic at! Stories, Series, and Universes by Andromeda at Storiesonline. Finally Together (premier members only) Two FBI agents have worked together for a long time, .

Peebee bets her friends they'll climax in 5 minutes. and other exciting erotic at! In this man I have found a hive of contradictions, warring passions that stir my soul. Silently I watch him as he sleeps, his face at peace in the afterglow of intimacy. I am to be his Andromeda, but I wonder in the stillness of the night, if it is not he himself that is truly chained to a rock of his own making.

Find the hottest masseffectandromeda stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about masseffectandromeda on Wattpad. Sep 02,  · After saving the Andromeda Galaxy, Scott Ryder and his best girl Cora Harper head down to Kadara Port for some shore leave and end up having a little too much funSaw there wasn't much Andromeda stuff on here so I made my own. No explicit sex in this chapter, just some saucy set-up. Hope to update soon, Enjoy!