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Ok, so the first part of the question has been answered - it is possible. I can only confirm this. Leaving in Germany, I heard quite a few Polish people (why Polish? - no idea) speaking immaculately perfect German. I heard here some Germans speaki. Accent: Adult Teaching Guide, Winter () by Accent.

Well-suited as a church bulletin insert or for outreach within the community. Features: Thirteen articles about Christians whose insights demonstrate following Christ Nested weekly papers Flexible for use by visitors, shut-ins, and prisoners or as an outreach tool Order one per student. Not exclusively an Accent curriculum resource. You Can’t Lose your Accent if you are an Adult. Is this True? Can you lose your accent if you are an adult is a ques­tion that comes up often. When we are chil­dren and learn­ing our native lan­guage, the neu­ro­log­i­cal cen­tres that are our lan­guage lis­ten­ing cen­tres, are very plas­tic and wide open.